Prior to investing, Cevian commits considerable time and resources to develop a deep understanding of prospective portfolio companies’ fundamentals, competitive strengths and weaknesses vs. leading peers, and value-creation potential.

Investment decisions are informed by a well-established, rigorous and proprietary fundamental research process, including comprehensive operational, commercial, financial, legal, governance and broader ESG analysis. Such research normally entails several months of intensive work, often on a global basis. Cevian often tracks companies for many years before investing.

Once it is an owner, Cevian works with its portfolio companies to advance initiatives designed to increase the companies’ long-term competitiveness and sustainability, thereby creating meaningful and lasting value for all shareholders and other stakeholders.

Cevian’s own team members have joined the boards and/or nominating committees of c. 80% of all disclosed portfolio companies since Cevian’s founding in 2002, reflecting Cevian’s constructive, hands-on and long-term approach.