Cevian (i) acquires substantial minority ownership positions in undervalued European listed companies and (ii) works with the boards and management teams of those companies to advance initiatives designed to increase their long-term competitiveness, profitability and sustainability.

It works in a hands-on and constructive manner to advance improvements in operations, corporate strategy, organizational structure, financial management, corporate governance and ESG more broadly.

This work is designed to create real long-term value that benefits all stakeholders, including shareholders.

Cevian generally invests in sound companies that are overlooked, misunderstood or out-of-favor with investors.  It commonly acts as a reference shareholder, an anchor shareholder, or an external catalyst for change, depending on the situation.

Cevian manages a concentrated portfolio of significant minority ownership positions in c. 10-15 publicly-listed companies at a time. It is typically the largest or second largest owner of its portfolio companies. Cevian has a clear vision of the potential of each of its companies, and commonly maintains its commitment to companies for 5+ years.

Cevian’s optimal investment size is EUR 500m to EUR 1.5 billion per company, though larger investments are not excluded.